Pizza and Baguette Dough

We're passionate about getting people to eat healthier. Both our baguette dough and our pizza dough are made with 4 simple ingredients - high quality flour, yeast, salt and water.

Both these doughs are made with a biga pre-ferment and cold proofed over 72 hours to create deep flavour and a light dough. Using the pre-ferment means we use around 10x less yeast than in a direct dough, and the result is very similar to sourdough.

We proof our baguette dough for much longer than a typical French baguette dough, giving the dough time to develop more intense flavour, and creating a lighter baguette.

Please place your order by Monday for delivery the same week. We typically deliver either on Thursday or Friday each week, though this sometimes changes depending on how busy the week is.

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Bake your own French baguettes at home. Each pack includes 15 x 260g fresh dough balls, individua...