Doughies Pizza Club

The Doughies pizza club runs weekly pizza evenings, where we deliver authentic Neapolitan pizza to your door, ready to devour.

Delivery is limited to Worcester Park (KT4) and we're keeping it very simple in terms of menu options.

The ordering platform is separate to the main Doughies website as it requires slightly different features for live food ordering. It is currently being configured and will be live for our next evening.

If you have any questions, just drop me an email (, or a message (0751 542 6385) or connect to me on Whatsapp. You're also welcome to call though I may not be able to answer if I'm busy making a pizza ;-)

Private WhatsApp group

To be informed about the next pizza evening, click the link to join our private WhatsApp group. It uses one-way communication so that you only see messages from Doughies, but you can reply to me privately.