About Us


My obsession with pizza started in 2018. I had no intention of doing anything commercial with it, yet took some time off work and headed off to the Bivero Pizza Academy in Florence to learn how to make good Neapolitan pizza. This involved learning in the academy by day, and taking a role of a pizza chef in the pizzeria every evening - a brilliant way to learn fast.


Calan at Bivero Academy

At the start of lock-down, I started Doughies, where we'd deliver a pizza kit to your front door for you to stretch and bake yourself. This proved very popular and over the past 3 years we've done events for 875 primary schools, raising money for each school by creating a fun bake-at-home pizza evening for families.

We produce around 2,000 pizza kits per week during term time, from our dedicated warehouse facility in Feltham. We use walk-in fridges and a refrigerated fleet of vans to ensure our products are always delivered at the perfect temperature.

We now also run a small pizzeria in Worcester Park called Peeps Pizza, and we have a wholesale dough side of the business that delivers fresh dough to Italian restaurants, pubs, and mobile pizza businesses who may be limited by space or resources to consistently produce their own.

Our core team now consists of 4 very experienced staff members, all passionate about what we do, and who work together to ensure every product meets the standard we desire.

I hope you love the concept of what we're doing. If you have any questions or need some help, please reach out via email, and let me know.

Yours in pizza,
Calan, Lucian, Don and Neil