School Pizza Evenings

Doughies can help your school PTA raise funds by holding a school pizza evening. We provide everything you need to make and bake the pizzas at home, with fresh kits delivered to your school, ready to be conveniently collected by parents.

Start with the PDF

The Doughies for Schools PDF explains how it works and includes pricing and a recent case study.

Delivery throughout the UK

We generally run events for schools throughout London, the South West, the South East and the East of England., but can arrange events for schools throughout the country provided we have a little notice.

We don't charge a delivery fee, so for schools that are far away, we try to schedule a couple of other local schools on the same day to cover the costs of travel. If you have contacts in other schools and can help arrange this, we would be very grateful.

How we deliver your kits

In terms of delivery timing - we try to deliver near the time that parents will be collecting the orders from the school. By doing this, we can ensure the dough is at the perfect temperature for baking that evening. We'll work this out with you based on your event and collection details.

Parents collecting during Covid

During Covid, most schools are using multiple collection points, and staggered timing, outside the school to ensure social distancing.

Allergies and options 

We offer regular kits, and vegan kits, but we don't offer gluten free as GF dough is very sticky and difficult to work with, so often results in a mess and not a great experience. All our kits are nut and seed free and include an allergen label. The Grana Padana cheese contains egg and contains a label indicating this.

Free marketing flyer

We customise a flyer for you to use to market your event. Once you've worked out your event details, we'll create one for you to make it easy to distribute to parents. Download an example flyer here.

Final order numbers

We suggest giving yourself 2 weeks to market your event as this tends to generate the best results. We need to receive your final order numbers 5 days prior to the event. So for a Friday delivery, we need final order numbers by that Sunday.


We require a spreadsheet of all the orders per family so that we can package them as singles, doubles and triple kits for each family as this reduces packaging waste.

Making it a regular event

We have a number of schools now who are doing regular pizza evenings as it gives parents a chance to re-order and makes it an ongoing fundraiser for the PTA. If your event goes well and you're interested in doing a bi-monthly, or termly event, we can arrange it.

Get in touch

If you're interested in organising a pizza evening, please get in touch with Calan (0751 542 6385 / and we can arrange it for you.

Doughies group pizza kits

Image 1: Pizza kits packaged and ready for delivery to the school

Double kit contents

Image 2: Each kit contains everything you need to make and bake your pizza

Event sponsors

Image 3: If you can find local companies to sponsor your event, we can include their flyer or newsletter in each bag

Collecting kits from school

Image 4: Green Lane Primary's PTA prepares to hand out kits to parents at collection time. By adding a sweet and drink, you can increase the price and boost your profit from the event